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DeRun Energy Co.,Ltd

Address: Room 2101, Building 1, No. 6 Shuguang Xili, Chaoyang Dist., Beijing , P.R.China.
Postal code: 100028
Tel: +86 10 58677866
Fax: +86 10 58677866
Email: sales@luhaienergy.com
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Quality Policy

Contract commitments, fine quality control

DeRun always strictly complies with the terms of contracts in order to fulfill its commitment to service quality, effectively control the whole product and service process, and meticulously conducts every step of the work in regards to quality so that the quality of product and service will meet customer requirements.

Rely on science and technology management, quality improvement

DeRun relies on strict scientific management system and quality assurance system, committed to the development of new technology, using new technology to provide customers with first-class products and services. Continuously improve the quality and win customer's trust, improve the market competitiveness are DeRun missions.

Establish DeRun image, exceed customer expectations

DeRun continues to improve the quality of products and services to maximize meet customer requirements as the fundamental task of the quality management system; Both product and service quality are the fundamental to establish the image of DeRun, and then rely on the brand to win the international market.

Health, safety and environmental policy


People are the most valuable, respect for employees, true love is the basic principles that we engage in various activities.

Health first

Love life, employees' health is the most valuable asset of our survival and development.strengthen labor protection, prevention of occupational diseases.

Safety first

Security to maintain the property of DeRun and the employee's life, relates to DeRun's image and long-term development, safety first is our aim. Nip in the bud, prevention is better than disaster relief.

Environmental Protection

Pollution prevention and control of emissions, recycling of waste to protect the global environment, the impact of operations on the environment to a minimum.