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Fluid Loss Control Agents

● Anti-salt and Anti-temperature Filtration Reducer LY-2

● Lignite Resin for Drilling Fluids SPNH

● Modified Starch LYS

● Polymer Filtration Control Agent JMP-1

Low Viscosity Polyanioic Cellulose  LV-PAC

Low Viscosity Carboxymethyl starch sodium  LV-CMS

● High Temperature Carboxymethyl starch sodium  HT-CMS

Shale Inhibitor

● Cationic asphalt powder FF-II

● Latex Asphalt FF-III

● Aluminum complexes shale inhibitor for drilling fluids DLP-1

● Polyol

● Shale Inhibitor FT-3000


● Polyether polyol SYP-2

● Solid Lubricant GR

Encapsulating Agents

● Zwitterionic polymer strong coating agent FA367

● Mixed metal hydroxides MMH

● Drilling Encapsulating Agent PAC141


● Amphoteric polymer Thinner XY-27

● Silicon-fluorine Dilution Agents SF

Lost Circulation Additives

● Compounded Sealing Agent SDF3

● Sealing Agent for Drilling DL-1

● Sealing Agent for Delayed Expansion GWS-1

● Single-direction Seal Agent SDL

Reservior Protection Agent

● Oil Soluble Temporary Plugging Agent EP-1/YHY-101

● Inhibitor for Drilling Fluids ZH-2

● Bactericide for Drilling Fluids JM-1

● Pipe Freeing Agent SR301, SR302

● Polyether Defoamer

● Foam Agent for Drilling Fluids FA-1

● Emulsifier EML-1

● Inhibitor for Recrystallation of Salt NTA

Oil Base Mud Additives

●Oil Base Drilling Fluid Anti-high Temperature Emulsifier OME

●Oil Base Drilling Fluid Primary Emulsifier OME-1

●Secondary-emulsifier for OBW OME-2

● Oil Base Drilling Fluid Wetting Agent OW

●Oil Base Drilling Fluid Filtration Control Agent OFC

●Oil Base Drilling Fluid Filtration Control Agent OFC-1

Cement Slurry Chemicals

● Well Cement Retarder(S12)

● Accelerator(BAS-1)

● Fluid loss additive(BCF-221L)

● Dispersant(CF40)

● Defoamer(G603)

Oil Production Chemicals

● Demulsifer

● Type Pour Point Depressant

● Clay Stabilizer Agent

● Type Pipelines Transporting Crude Oil Viscosity Reducer Agent

Water Treatment Chemicals

● The Sewage Processing Using Corrosion Inhibitors Agent

● Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor