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DeRun MWD system is equipped with international brand of directional sensor and gamma sensor, use US patented well depth measurement technique and exclusive rotary joint design which make our system outstanding in oil and gas drilling industry. It has the unique structure of dropping prevent system allow the down hole parts can be fishing during sticking.

Measurement Parameters:



Gravity Tool Face

Magnetic Tool Face

Gravity Sum

Magnetic Field Sum


Natural Gamma

Directional Gamma

MWD System Specification & Features:

1.Work Environment Parameters:

Pulser: positive pulse, key type

Size of non-magnetic drill collar: 89mm ~ 229mm(3.5”~9”)

Mud displacement: 10---55L/S

Mud density:1g/cm³ ~ 2.1g/cm³(7.5ppg~18ppg)

Sand content : <2%

Working temperature of instrument under the shaft:-30℃~ +150℃

Diameter of instrument:Φ48mm andΦ38mm

Pressure resistance of instrument under the shaft: max 135MPa(20000PSI)

2.Measurement Accuracy and Range of Directional Probe:

Measurement accuracy of inclination: ±0.1° range: 0-180

Measurement accuracy of azimuth: ±1° range: 0-360

Measurement accuracy of gravity tool face: ±1° range: 0-360

Measurement accuracy of magnetic tool face: ±1° range: 0-360

3.Measurement Accuracy and Range of Gamma Probe:

Measurement range: 0-1000API

Sensitivity: 2/API

Measurement accuracy: ±2%

Resolution ratio: 173mm (6.8”) (thin well, 8”hole, 50%)

Vibration (3 axles):30g, 50-300Hz

Compact: 500g, 0.5mS axle Z

1000g, 0.5mS axle X and Y

4.Measurement Accuracy and Range of Directional Gamma:

Measurement range: 0-1500API

Sensitivity: 0.65CPS per API

Measurement accuracy: ±2%

Resolution ratio of thin layer: 8.8” (thin well, 8”hole, 50%)

Vibration (3 axles): 20g, 50-1500Hz

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