Human Resources

DeRun Energy Co.,Ltd

Address: Room 2101, Building 1, No. 6 Shuguang Xili, Chaoyang Dist., Beijing , P.R.China.
Postal code: 100028
Tel: +86 10 58677866
Fax: +86 10 58677866
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Job Vacancy

Sales Assistant (Intern)

You don't need too much experience, fresh graduate enthusiasm, full of passion, relentlessness. Oral English/ Russian is excellent, want to grow up together with DeRun.

Sales Engineer

As technical leader, you need to know as much as oil drilling equipments and tools, wider is better. You will be able to communicate with customers with strong aura. Don't be too boring, we need outgoing technologist!

English / Russian sales

A sale only is good when he/she can close the deal. No business no confidence. DeRun need you to be passionate, ambitious, and speak excellent English, capable to travel very often.

Domestic Clients Manager

Do not need to speak foreign language, acquired enough customer resources will be a plus. You will be responsible for developing and maintaining VIP customers, promoting foreign brands domestically.

International Clients Manager

Excellent talents or confident talents only. Fluent English capable for business negotiation. Has the experience of leading a team, good at team work. Has strategic vision, excellent appearance. Self-motivation and ambitious. Able to develop the market and communicate with customers. DeRun is willing to pay a fortune on you.

Join DeRun please send CV to:

    ȫ˷ͧƻ ȫʱʱ߼ƻ ʱʱʸλƻ ˹ƻ ʱʱʹٷ ʱʱʿapp ʱʱʹٷ ֲͶע ʱʱ ʱʱƽˢ ƻ ʱʱ˹ƻ ʱʱʼ ʱʱȫ˹ƻ ˹ƻ ȫ챱PK10ƻ ȫʼƻ pk10ƻ ȫ챱pk10ƻ ȫ챱PK10ƻ ȫʱʱʼƻ ʱʱ˹ƻ ȫʱʱʼƻ ȫʼƻ ʱʱʸλƻ_ʱʱλƻ_ʱʱʮλƻ pk10 ֲȫƻ ȫѶֲַʼƻҳ ʱʱ߼ƻ pk10˹ƻ ȫʼƻ ʱʱ˹ƻ ȫ챱pk10ƻ ʱʱʸλȫƻ pk10ȫƻ_pk10˹ƻ_pk10߼ƻҳ ʱʱȫƻ_ʱʱ߼ƻ_ʱʱ˹ƻҳ ȫ콭տ3ƻ ˷ͧȫƻ ʱʱȫƻ